Saturday, June 29, 2013

Eagle to the Pig Factory!

The above swine slaughterhouse is only five miles away, but I have not come out here on the Eagle because the roads to it are about as bad as they get over here in Ireland. However, since this is the safest and  quietest way for me to get to Westport, a lively bicycle hub for the Great Western Greenway,  I decided  the gusset Pawel Guba welded around the inside of my 
rim was now ready for the ultimate acid test. 

Result: the wheel rolls true after the ten miles of punishment the bike endured !!

Those of you who have been following the trouble I have been having over with keeping 
the Eagle rolling will be pleased to know that my bike is finally  riding G R E A T!! 

btw: Off in the distance, in the center of the photo above, the smokestacks you see remind me of the concentration camp settings one can find in Germany...

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