Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Castlebar Christmas Eve Ride

I had to get a few photos of this tire shop located next to a brook.
As long as I have been here in Ireland, I have wondered if our 
zoning rules back in the States would allow something like this 
to be built in such a bucolic setting 

Looking down to it from the relatively steep hill that drops down to it.

Dead tires appeared on one side of the building
The gate here leads to a graveyard (closed to the public)
 that sits on the other side

Before I made it around to the back of the business above, 
a friendly horse joined me 
As did a rainbow
From slopping around in the field,
 my shoes were a muddy mess.

Once back in town, 
the Castlebar Concert and Marching Band
was hard at work

Saturday, December 15, 2012

All in an Irish Castlebar Christmas Ride

These guys were playing on Main St.

A few blocks away I found Juliano. You can hear him at this blog.
He's pretty amazing!!

This guy was moving dead cars from one box to the other.
On the side of the road, no less!!

On the edges of town, when I see 'Castlebar Walks', I know there is good riding ahead..

If you keep looking, you might be able to see the cows....