Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Eagle Rolls Again - To Pawel's Studio!!

Pawel Guba in front of his studio, Global Metal Art
I rode the Eagle for the first time in seven months to his shop,
 a mile away. Because of his work, which was of the highest precision quality,
the Eagle wheel built up straight, true and round!  
And it rides again!!
Too exciting!! 

And it was the gold dust, spoke nipples, a dozen of them, that made the job 
possible!  Jim Spillane, the bike's re-manufacturer, sent them to 
me here in Ireland from all the way over in Vermont...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Eagle Rim Rolls Without a Hop!!

Inline image 1

My Eagle wheel (pictured with 19-month Cayo) finally rolls without a high spot! So much THX and honor to Blacksmith Pawel Guba of Global Metal Art, whose special machine rolled my damaged rim back into a perfectly round loop before he then skillfully tig welded a gusset on to it for reinforcement. And to Jim Spillane, the bike's re-manufacturer, who sent me the parts I needed for the wheel job from all the way over in America,  Hopefully now it is ready for these roads over here. Won't be able to get it out for a few days yet, as more than just rain, Ireland is facing heavy storms right now with winds howling as high as 80 mph in some places, and I do mean howling....

But I am excited!!

   THX 4 all of U!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Striking Lough (Lake) Lannagh Ped/Bike Bridge at Night

A real showpiece, this water crossing is a part of a world class
loop that encircles beautiful Lough Lannagh. In time, it will connect with
the Great Western Greeenway that extends all the way to
the Atlantic Ocean, ten miles away..

Temp at time of photo: 37 degrees