Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ed Cox to Lead Am. River HiWheel Ride 5/19

We just got the interview we did with Ed Cox, the Sacramento bike coordinator, on line. And talk about a powerhouse for all matters bicycle, I am excited to be able to share just some of how this man has helped to impregnate an entire region with two wheel transportation consciousness. I exhort you to go get a listen and see the slides from the show that resulted HERE.

We are telling you this because not only will Ed be leading our first ever Tour of Sacramento on Sat May 18, the next day he will be showing off more of his turf when he leads our 6th annual American River Parkway HiWheel Ride from Sacramento to the historic town of Folsom on Sunday May 19.  If you are interested in riding most arguably the topmost bikeway in America,  for 26 and want to be a part of the magic as you ride amongst Hiwheel bikes from the 19th Century in calling for an interconnected network of bikeable roads and paths that span the USA, the Nat Bicycle Greenway,  learn more and/or sign up for the ride at our PinggVite HERE.

See also the schedule/scorecard  for our now International Mayors' Ride at this Link. After  Steve Stevens  kicks off our campaign in Colorado Springs, there is a lot going on. Besides our HiWheel River Ride, the above schedule/scorecard shows all of what we will also be doing with San Jose, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Davis on a ride that starts when celebrated Irish racer Padraig Marrey  leaves Castlebar in the west of Ireland for the first annual Tour of Dublin led by international HiWheel trick-riding champion  Peter Matthews.

Ed on the Parkway

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