Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Castlebar Christmas Eve Ride

I had to get a few photos of this tire shop located next to a brook.
As long as I have been here in Ireland, I have wondered if our 
zoning rules back in the States would allow something like this 
to be built in such a bucolic setting 

Looking down to it from the relatively steep hill that drops down to it.

Dead tires appeared on one side of the building
The gate here leads to a graveyard (closed to the public)
 that sits on the other side

Before I made it around to the back of the business above, 
a friendly horse joined me 
As did a rainbow
From slopping around in the field,
 my shoes were a muddy mess.

Once back in town, 
the Castlebar Concert and Marching Band
was hard at work

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