Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's Made in Ireland? Very Little :( But.....

As more and more production in America shifts to Pacific Rim countries, Ireland has never made many of the goods it uses, and makes even less today. Starting Sep 13, TG4, the Irish TV station, will be airing a 4-part series that speaks to this based on the findings of one its reporters, Manchan Magan who tried to "travel around Ireland using only Irish transport, eating only Irish food, wearing only Irish clothes and listening to music played only on Irish instruments".

In his pieces he notes:
Bicycles: Raleigh closed 1980
Cars: Ford closed 1984
Ireland imports 50,000 tonnes of British potatoes a year!

See his report 



American hi-tech companies have been investing massively in Ireland. 25% of Europe's computers are now made in Ireland. Ireland is the world's largest exporter of software. The European (or regional) headquarters and/or customer service operations of Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Dell, Intel, Motorola, Oracle, Lotus, and Boeing Computer Services are all located in Ireland.

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