Friday, August 10, 2012

70 Degree Irish Bicycle Heaven

Beautiful day here in Ireland, with an average temperature of 70 degrees!! Would have been an epic day for the Eagle, but being part of it on the bent made for a ride that will also be hard to forget.

The sheep you see here was taking a snooze at this lake. I awakened him when I stopped to take this photo.

Since few of the roads are signed over here, I had to guess at this fork in the road.
A few miles later, another guess.
Soon,  a whole new world opened up  for me  full of one lane roads and tree 
canopied asphalt like like you see above. All within the space of 25 miles...

This picnic table was at another lake near the end of of this paradise..

When the sun endeavors to shine in Ireland, 
which is a small percentage of the time, 
it looks down upon some of the best biking turf 
anywhere to be found in the world!

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